Place Sparta Widgets within your web framework with Post Capability
  • No need for iFrames
  • Post back through widget with or without login
  • Manage your own style on your server
  • Control your own web presence while leveraging Sparta's Social Media Tools
A complete hosted or self-hosted Social Platform with Flexibility and Stability
  • Perfect for User Groups, Retail Brands, Education, Public or Private
  • Tip to tip strategy, design, construction, and servicing
  • Java-based with Extensive API and Widget Libraries
Use Social Media to conduct exciting and collaborative market research
  • Market Research Platform for private or public communities
  • Facebook like environment provides familiarity to Participants
  • Recruiting, Incentive Management, Community Moderation and Facilitation
  • Used by General Mills for Product Research on many brands
Understand what people in your community are saying, as well as what they are doing
  • Analytics to understand the qualitative and quantitative data from your constituents
  • Exportable to other systems
  • Sentiment analysis, User Activity, and much more



  • Users and Members

    Public, Private, Semi-private with Activity Tracking, Points and Flexible Profiling
  • Virtual Suggestion Box

    Let users post ideas, and others vote
  • Mobile Upload

    Photos direct from the mobile device to the users photo bucket
  • Feeds for all activity

    Streaming feeds of connection and group data
  • Suggested Content

    Other users, events, groups, media are presented based on relevance
  • Ratings

    Flexible model for 'Like/Unlike',or weighted
  • Facebook Connect

    Stream all social activity to the users Facebook page
  • CMS

    Build dynamic web pages from the Admin Console
  • Social Media

    Forums, Blogs, Events, Mailbox, Photos, Videos
  • Document Repository

    Users may upload, tag and search for relevant artifacts
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, Last.Fm, Flickr

    Stream in all activity from these popular platforms
  • Contests

    Allow users to submit their entries with User voting, or Moderator selection